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Edmond H. Rees

Raised on a farm in Central Illinois, Edmond H. Rees opened his law practice in rural Macoupin County, Illinois.  Since then, he has spent 14 years as a prosecutor being an assistant States Attorney and elected States Attorney of Macoupin County. Ed focuses his practice in criminal law and civil trial law.  He has a wealth of experience in criminal trials including cases involving capital murder (death penalty).
About Edmond H. Rees

Jacqueline Brandenburg-Rees

Ms. Brandenburg-Rees is a trial lawyer who is most at home in the courtroom and immersed in complex and difficult litigation.  Her dedication and hard work have led to many favorable outcomes for her clients over the past 30 years.  She concentrates her practice in helping victims and their families of personal injury, civil rights litigation, medical malpractice, birth injuries, nursing home negligence and contested custody and divorce cases.
About Jacqueline Brandenburg-Rees

James C. Brandenburg

James Brandenburg practices out of the Chicago office of Brandenburg-Rees & Rees.  He focuses his practice on nursing home negligence, medical negligence and personal injury claims throughout the State of Illinois.  He also enjoys helping individuals in family law cases in Cook County, Illinois.
About James C. Brandenburg

Sean E. Rees

Adopted by two lawyers, Sean E. Rees followed in his parents’ footsteps and became an attorney.  Sean ensures that clients understand their rights in their cases. Sean understands that clients need someone to lean on during difficult times and makes sure clients are kept up to date with their cases.  Sean will guide you through your case, provide updates, and competent legal representation.
About Sean E. Rees